Friday, September 14, 2012

Things I'm Loving // September 14

Dragons in Our Midst by Bryan Davis. These are fantasy books, which I had my doubts about, but these are GREAT! I am only on the first one called Raising Dragons.

What I listen to changes everyday, but today it's Anthem Lights. My favorite songs by them are Circles, Just The Way You Are (yeah, I know, they didn't make up that song, but they sing it), In the Light, and Can't Shut Up. I haven't listened to all of their songs yet.

TV Shows:
What Not to Wear! DUH. Sadly, they don't have any new ones, but I watch the old ones. Look at this blog. Kryn and I did something like this once. It was SOOOOOOO FUNNY!

Have a great day!



Emma-lee said...

My two younger sisters have been reading the dragons in our midst series...They Love them! I still ca't bring myself to reading them yet. (I'm too lazy) I am currently obsessed with Athem Lights though. you have to check out their cover for "As Long as You Love me". It's waaaay better than Justin bieber's.

With Love,

Isabelle Renee said...

Hey! love this post! I LOVE the song Can't Shut Up! I was aaactually just listening to it today! Thanks for linking my blog on here! Have a great day, love!

Isabelle <3

Emily said...

The books are THE BEST, Emma-lee! They are super long, but they are really great.

Thanks, Isabelle! I like your blog!