Saturday, June 30, 2012


 Well, I'm feeling lazy today, so here's a (semi) wordless post for ya. Remember - please comment and follow my blog! Thank you tons! 

Friday, June 29, 2012

Easiest Day of Swim Team Ever

Yesterday was swimming. It was...interesting (but we won't talk about the weird stuff - for your sake). It actually wasn't that hard - I hope you aren't fainting that I'm saying that. But it actually wasn't (surprisingly). The weather was perfect for swimming - the air was hot (but it - amazingly - wasn't humid) and the water was cool. I got a swim cap because my hair is getting pretty bad, and it helped. A LOT.

The one thing that wasn't easy was the 250 yards of butterfly - just pulling (meaning we could only use our arms). I'm probably the only girl that finds the pulling better than the kicking. I stink at kicking. We had to do 20 intervals of 25 yards of freestyle. Every 25 yards, we had to do 5 wall-ups. It was just pulling, and I actually enjoyed it (probably because I wasn't going full-speed). I felt like I was really improving with when to breathe and such on that stroke.

We had to do a bunch of kicking, too. That part was no fun at all. I think we did 10 100-yard IMs - that's all of the strokes, 25 yards each per interval. I had thought I was pretty good at backstroke, but I'm not so sure anymore. I think I would have done better if I had been able to use my arms.

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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Caterpillar That Got in the Way

Lately the weather has been pretty bad. It's been raining for the past few days, and I kind of hoped it would rain so we wouldn't have to go to swimming. That didn't exactly happen....anyway, getting back to the topic of weather and such, it quit raining for a little while and the sun came out. It's rainy again, but while it was sunny, I went out and took some pictures. Or I was going to.

....Until this little creature got in the way.

 Let me tell you: I hate worms. Like, hate worms. Hate, hate, hate worms. I didn't even like them as a little kid. I would see one and run inside (remember, this was just when I was a little kid). The only time I touched them (that I can remember) on purpose was once when I was probably five. I was wearing rain boots and I let them crawl on those. So I guess *technically* I didn't actually touch them. Although I have touched them while wearing gardening gloves. But that might have been and accident...

And yes, I do realize this isn't a worm like an earthworm. I know, it's a caterpillar. Now, I have been more brave about caterpillars - oh, and snails. But I really, really, really don't think you want to hear my snail tale (That was so creative, right? Or maybe it was just....cheesy). You probably wouldn't read this blog ever again if I told you.

So anyway, after my slight encounter with this disgusting beast (I am amazing at exaggerating, in case you hadn't noticed), I made certain that I watched where I walked. I didn't get very far before I decided to stay on the back porch and take pictures of my brother's succulents.

He has some in an awesome container from Starbucks. I don't know what it is about the container, but it's totally adorable.

 I was pleased to discover the handle says STARBUCKS on it.

 I love this. I don't know why. I just do.


More on swim team:

Sadly, it was not canceled. Remember last week how I was talking about how many push ups we did and such? Well, we had to do twice that amount...I think. I was completely confused by the whole thing because it seemed like we didn't do as many as we were supposed to do. It's this thing called "The Dirty Dozen". You swim one lap, you get out and do one push up, you swim two laps, you get out and do two push ups, and so on all the way up to twelve. I didn't do the right amount of push ups, but I'm pretty sure I swam the right amount.

I saw a boy from swimming at band today who asked me if I was sore. I told him I wasn't, and he said he did more than me. I told him I swam the whole thing, and he said I didn't do the push ups. I tried to tell him that the ground on one side of the pool is extremely rough and hurts your knees (yes, I usually do girl push ups - I can *sort of* do the regular ones if I HAVE to), but he thought that that was just a dumb excuse. It's true, though. One side is very rough, where on the the other side it's very smooth.

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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Happy Sunday // June 24

Last night we went to a party for our 4H sewing club. We ate outside on the back porch, talking and laughing with our friends. It was a ton of fun! We swam in the pool and ate s'mores by the fire while having giant mosquitoes land on our backs.

Here are a few pictures.

My cat is hilarious. =)

Happy Sunday! <3

~ emily

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

First *Official* Day of Summer


Today it's officially summer. According to me, it doesn't have to officially be summer before it's summer. In other words, it seems like summer in April. And to kick of the season, it's pouring rain right now. How appropriate, right?!

Yesterday I had swim team. I have mixed feelings about swim team. Our coach enjoys torturing us with freestyle and flip turns. Oh, and let's not forget butterfly. We can't forget that. Butterfly is so amazingly hard - and that is an extreme understatement. So anyway, as I was saying, swim team was yesterday. It was not that hard (I mean, compared to the usual =). It was just me, my friend Kryn, and another girl (Alex). We talked a lot, trying to distract our coach so we wouldn't have to swim as much. We did a pretty amazing job, I have to say. He did make us do a bunch of push ups though. UGH. I think we did 21. That's 21 too many. And along with that we did more than 525 yards of freestyle (which isn't that much when you think about it). He always makes us do freestyle. If we could just do backstroke or maybe even some breaststroke, it would be better. It he would just mix it up a little...

And today I had band camp. I am learning the flute. Later today I have volleyball camp. Yes, I have a busy life. =)

Speaking of volleyball, I should probably be getting ready soon....

Here are some summery things for the first (official) day of summer. 


Ok, I am really hating the font (on the photo below). =)

(I didn't take this pic; got it off of Word)

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   Emily <3

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

New Blog

Hi, I'm Emily and this is my new blog. Obviously. So anyway, I'm a Christian teenage girl who loves God, her family and friends, fluffy animals, fashion (What Not to Wear rocks), music (I play the piano and am learning to play the flute), Vera Bradley, and a whole lot more. I enjoy swim team (well, not always =), volleyball, watching cheesy movies with my bestie, photography, reading (I <3 Bonnets and Bugles), and wasting time on the computer. I am an expert at procrastinating and being indecisive. I am totally random and I think the 1800s are really cool. I want to live a life pleasing to Jesus my Savior, who died so that I could live for eternity with Him.

I hope you enjoy my blog!