Sunday, March 16, 2014

This past week, I entered a writing contest. A long time ago, back when I was ten or eleven, I entered one for the American Girl Magazine, but does that really count? I mean, it was back when I knew nothing about what an agent was or how to write.

Not that I'm anywhere close to being an expert on either of those things now. But hey, authors are judging this contest, and if you make it to the final "round", an agent reads your stuff. Which let me just say ... THAT IS AWESOME.
I wrote a death scene the other day. Do you know how hard death scenes are? I'd written one before, but this time around it happened "off stage", as some people say. In other words, you don't see it happen. And it's not really a death that affects the main character. Well, it does--by affecting someone else, and then ...


So now I only have around 15,000 (ish) more words to go. Hopefully I'll be done by next week if I write consistently. And then I can move on to editing. The fun stuff. Also the stuff that makes you doubt everything you've ever written. 

But it's fun!

ps: I received Bryan Davis's book The Seventh Door a few weeks ago. Comment and I'll fangirl with you. ;)

Oh, and go read Anomally and Angel Eyes. And then you can go sob over how perfect the boys are. AND THE ENDINGS. I need Revolutionary and Dark Halo NOW! 

Okay I'm done now.