Wednesday, August 1, 2012

That was easy!

Yesterday was the easiest swim practice known to man kind. It was just me and a girl named Kristen, and we had yet another coach today. Her name's Chloe; she's pretty nice. (Our other coach Dylan was there, but with the younger kids.)

We had to do a 1000 (yes, that does say one THOUSAND) yard IM...but it really didn't seem like we did that much! Probably because I didn't do butterfly because my back still hurts - instead I did a mix of breaststroke and freestyle while poor Kristen suffered through "the fly".

After that we didn't do a whole lot; we basically got to do whatever, which was super fun! We were getting ready to go off the diving boards when the rest of swimming got canceled because of thunder.

Thursday is supposed to be fun...can't wait! Hopefully Kryn can come!


Brooke said...

Easy swim practices are GOOD things LOL :)

Emily said...

I know!