Sunday, August 12, 2012

Happy Sunday // August 12

Weird and awesome  moments from the weekend:

Singing in "B language" while vacuuming ("B language" is just where you change the first letting in every word to a "b"...Kryn and I used to think it was totally awesome to talk like this - like when we were eight)


Trying to listen to my iPod while pressure washing the driveway - that did NOT work at all


I saw AZERBAIJAN wrestling on the Olympics! Now, I don't like wrestling. But I had no idea that Azerbaijan participated in the Olympics!


Freezing in church and Walmart 
(I knew you really wanted to hear about my freezing in Walmart and church.)

Enjoying a lovely sunset AND rainbow last night


Found out Tobymac has a new album (it's supposed to be released on iTunes on August 28)

We heard on the radio that Billy Graham is in the hospital or something (pray for him), and my brother Andy goes, "Isn't he the guy that sells OxiClean?" Que the howling coming from me and my mother. My dad completely missed what Andy said.

Well, this next weekend we will be camping. I think I am going to do some scheduled posts for when I'm gone....

Happy Sunday!

PS: Oops, I used the same font on my pictures two posts in a row! Sorry!

And you probably wouldn't have noticed if I hadn't have pointed it out. 

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