Monday, July 30, 2012


Sorry for no posts. Be prepared for a post full of randomness now! =)

Today I babysat with American Heritage Girls.There was a little boy that kept running around, hugging us all. He was so funny; we asked him if he had washed his hands after using the rest room, and he goes up to Kryn and says, "Yeah, see?" then he proceeds to wipe his (wet) hands all over her arm. It was so funny!

So I thought that swim team was over (and I was rejoicing), but it's not (I'm sobbing). I was screaming when I heard this (probably literally). I hurt my back swimming (so I got to skip doing butterfly because I thought that's what caused it), but it's getting better. I think I'm going tomorrow; depends on whether or not Kryn goes.

 The other day we went on YouTube and watched a ton of Tim Hawkins movies (he's a Christian comedian). In some of them he talked about mothers, and Andy and I thought he sometimes described our mom PERFECTLY.  =) Oh, and this is totally off-topic (I told ya, I'm random!), but Jonny Diaz's song Fool For Love is DA BOMB. I thought it was talking about being in love with a girl, and I didn't know if I wanted to buy it or not, but it's actually talking about how he would do anything for God, which is better. So...I bought it. It's GREAT.

Oh, I got a flute! Yesterday we went to a flute concert both of my flute teachers (from band) were in. It was pretty good; I like playing the flute, but concert-type music (like some of the songs they had there) are really my favorite thing to listen to. Even so, the flute players did well.

 Hope the rest of your summer goes well! I can't believe it's almost over. Of course, here in Florida, summer isn't over until late November/December. If you live in Florida, 70 degree weather is cool to you. Seriously, a long time ago I was chatting with Kryn on Gmail, and it was somewhere around 70 degrees out - or above - and I was like, "It's cold here!"

That was a long time ago.

A few years ago, it's gotten cold (it was actually cold that time =), but last year it wasn't really cold. It was a nice temperature, though.

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Brooke said...

I listened to 'Fool For Love' and it's really great! :)

Emily said...

I know! You have a Francesca Battistelli piano book, right? If so, how easy is it? I have just looked at it on the internet (aka I have seen the cover of it on the internet) and wondered if it was easy or not.

Brooke said...

For me it is sort of in-between. Some of the songs are fairly easy, but one song has 5 flats! so it kind of depends on which song it is for me.