Thursday, December 20, 2012

what i've been doing

Painting pretty skies and silhouettes

Making squealing noises when you're trying to cheer for you

Having cocoa with breakfast (I'm excited easily I guess).

Talking to an Apple support person and not being able to understand ANYTHING she said. (And she was even American!)

Going crazy with the cooking spray. (My mind has gone blank and I can't remember if that's what I usually call it - sounds odd. Never mind.)

Listening to music. (WHAT A SURPRISE!!)

Practicing my flute. (Yes, it's a miracle!)

Being asked strange questions by my piano teacher's neighbor. 

Watching What Not To Wear (new season's coming out soon! Inserts screams here). 


Dumping water (on purpose) all over my painting. And yes, there was reason for that.

Jumping on my bed and creating a dent in my mattress. (WOW. Can you say stupid move?)

1 comment:

Kryn said...

We play some kind of Scott Joplin music next year, it should be cool!